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Minnesota native, Marshall Klitzke, grew up as a multi-sport athlete. He played baseball, golf, hockey, and football (the latter two being his favorites). From an early age, Marshall learned the importance of strength training: he began weight training in fifth grade. Three days a week, his dad would take him to the middle school gym before class started. In high school, Marshall decided to continue playing football, hockey, and golf for all four years. Marshall also played college football as a running back from 2014 to 2016 at Bethel University, where he studied Exercise Science.

Personal Training

Since graduating from Bethel University in 2016, Marshall has been training athletes in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, where he and his brother started their own gym out of their local hockey rink. They worked with athletes whose ages ranged from youth to college. His interest in training others was piqued when he saw how his athletic performance was drastically improved. He became more confident in his sports, and he was able to avoid major injuries. Through his own success and experience, Marshall realized that he wants to help athletes train so they are able to improve their own performance.

Fun fact: Marshall’s favorite TV show is New Girl.


Marshall heard about Altius while he was in college. During the summers leading up to football season, he would train with Matt. In 2014, Marshall was interned for Matt and helped run workouts for SAJO Volleyball. Now, Marshall is a full-time trainer at Altius. He is currently working on getting his CSCS certification in January, 2023, and he has his CrossFit Level 1 trainer certification.

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After training for nearly six years, Marshall has found that his favorite part of his job is seeing his clients’ success. “The whole purpose of why I want to do this job is to impact people’s lives in a positive way, and there is nothing better than seeing someone put in the work and get incredible results because of it.”


If he’s not in the gym, you can find Marshall playing golf or men’s league/pond hockey. He loves being outdoors and hiking, as well as trying new breweries.

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