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Altius Parents Testimonial


For the past three years, my daughters have been attending Altius, and I must say, they have had nothing but a positive experience. Altius has been an excellent choice for us, as we wanted to provide our girls with a platform to hone their athletic skills, specifically in volleyball.


Matt and his team of trainers have been instrumental in imparting valuable lessons to the girls both on and off the court, which has helped them develop as individuals. As a parent, I am delighted to see my daughters' progress, and I cannot thank Altius enough for their dedication and commitment. Their approach to training is holistic, and they take the time to understand each athlete's unique needs and abilities, which sets them apart from other training centers.

—  Heather W, Parent of two Altius Athletes

What our parens are saying

"How do you decide to trust your kid's athletic potential to someone? Regardless of the sport, it was intuitive right away and Matt checked all the boxes from day 1. I knew if Lyman's destiny was to be an Olympian, Matt would find a way. The bigger bonus was getting a Matt-inspired adult in the process; highly moral, always ethical, insanely dedicated and focused, and with priorities totally aligned"

—  David C, 1972 US Olympic Alpine Team, Father of Olympian

"My daughter has greatly improved her strength, agility and speed and has seen amazingly quick recoveries from several sports related injuries.  Most importantly, however, the encouragement and positive environment provided to Ally has greatly increased her confidence and passion for excellence. Altius knows how to get the best out of everyone they train." 

—  Gwen C, Mother of NCAA Volleyball Setter, school record holder for assists (2000+)

"From the beginning we were impressed by the professionalism, courtesy, and complete grasp of the science of maximizing sports performance.  The workouts are sport-specific and intense, but most importantly, the results are undeniable" 

—  Chet M, Father of NCAA D1 Football Player

"During our first visit, Jake’s strengths and weaknesses were immediately identified. We found ourselves driving over 200 miles 2x/week, soaking it all in and loving every minute of it. Jake’s footwork, speed, vertical and confidence improved significantly.  The efforts and belief in Jake not only helped our son to accomplish his lifelong goal of playing college football, but instilled a work ethic and confidence that will be lifelong " 

—  Mandy B, Mother of NCAA Football Player 


"I was 11 when I started to work with Matt. My Olympic dream had barely taken shape, inspired by my Olympic father, but Matt provided the express lane with his expertise, focus and passion to develop my potential. He created innovative balance-focused strength and agility regimens that I still use today in my pro career. "

—  Lyman C, US Olympic Freeski

"I was able to return to track just five months after ACL surgery, something that wouldn't have been possible without training with Altius. Training at Altius has made me stronger both physically and emotionally. They know what they are talking about and the results back it up!"

—  Steph K, NCAA All-American Long Jumper

Altius Lyman Testimonial
What our Athletes are saying

"I’ve been working with Matt for over a year now and I can really see the difference between when I first started and now. I am way stronger, faster, and more explosive due to his ability to understand and cater to my specific needs as a basketball player. This is something I believe sets Matt apart from other trainers. I would highly recommend him to athletes of all sports. He truly cares about your results while creating a fun workout environment in doing so! "

—  Sara S, NCAA D1 Basketball

"I saw incredible strides in my life on and off the court... I have truly been prepared to bring my game to the next level both physically and mentally...Altius has strengthened my work ethic, confidence and performance in ways that extend beyond the gym."

—  Michael G, NCAA Basketball

Concrete Gym Floor_edited.jpg
"Working with Altius has changed my life inside and outside of the gym. Not only did I improve my vertical by 5+ inches, but my speed, general strength and nutrition also improved and my college offers increased dramatically."

—  Katie P, USA Beach Volleyball

"I have seen amazing strides in my power, explosiveness, top end speed and agility. Altius is legit and training with them is the best investment you can make when it comes to your athletic aspirations."

—  Troy V, Pro Football

"Matt believed in me more than I believed in myself.  He pushed me to be better and helped me reach my absolute full potential.  I am in the best physical shape I have ever been in and because of that, everything on the court just seems to be easier."

—  Taylor S, NCAA Volleyball

"Over the last year with Altius, every one of my stats has improved.  My 40 has dropped by 2 tenths of a second and my standing vertical is the highest on my team at 37.5", all the while increasing my strength and weight.  I would not be the athlete I am today without Altius Sports Performance."

—  Alex K, NCAA D1 Football

Altius Testimonial from Coach


"Lateral quickness, foot speed, explosiveness, and vertical jump have all noticeably increased in players throughout our program.  Not only have our guys made giant strides physically, but they have become more confident mentally as well.  Our guys now have an expectation to compete with schools 4 times the size of ours as a result of the training Altius has provided our team."

—  Kevin Seim, Head Coach PREP Basketball 

"The Altius team focuses on the complete spectrum of factors that impact athletic development including facilitating a positive, encouraging environment that has our athletes eager for their next workout...Our power and movement improved in a very short period of time...our athletes experienced significant, measurable improvement in a variety of areas including vertical jump, strength, quickness and flexibility"

—  Bob Fisher, Head Coach Stillwater Volleyball

What our coaches are saying

"Altius Performance has helped elevate my team to the next level. Through working with Altius, my players are stronger, more confident, and genuinely inspired to better themselves both on and off the court. Matt’s selfless heart and passion for what he does will make a lasting impression on any individual or program that he works with."

—  Jenna Staso, Head Coach SCPA Volleyball

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