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Meet Tristan

As a Stillwater native, Tristan knows all of the best spots in town. When he saw a sign for a new gym called Altius, Tristan knew he had to look into it. As a certified massage therapist and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with a passion for helping young athletes, Tristan found his niche at Altius.

Training Background

Before he began training, Tristan wanted to become a physical therapist. However, he found that he preferred the gym setting over a clinical setting. He also realized that he really enjoyed helping athletes get back to their day-to-day lives, especially after he had gone through physical therapy himself. This realization prompted Tristan to pursue training rather than physical therapy. He attended Saint Paul College and received an associates degree in training. While at Saint Paul College, Tristan had an adjunct professor, who actually got Tristan into his first gym. Soon enough, Tristan fell in love with working out and growing stronger each day. He then went to University of Northwestern- St. Paul, where he received a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology, and continued to pursue personal training.


Growing up, Tristan played just about every sport, but his main focus stayed on soccer, football, and lacrosse. He has played lacrosse since he was eleven, when the sport was still gaining traction across the nation. As a kid, it was not yet a well-known sport in Minnesota, and Tristan played on Stillwater Area High School's inaugural varsity lacrosse team!

Fun fact: Tristan started showing horses when he was 7 or 8, and he was riding horses before he could walk.

Sports Performance

Now, Tristan is a trainer at Altius and an assistant defensive coordinator for Hill Murray. He also coaches the Minnesota Loons. Tristan's favorite part of being a coach and a trainer is helping young athletes grow into good people because good people turn into good athletes. He also loves that every day brings something new, and his job never gets boring. Although he coaches young athletes, Tristan loves working with people of all ages. From Performance Academies to one-on-ones, Tristan enjoys helping people grow and get stronger.

Personal Interests

While he's not training or coaching, Tristan can be found camping, rock climbing, or adventuring with his friends. He loves the outdoors and spending time with his people.

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