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Altius Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide 2023

For the athletes and fitness enthusiasts in your life, last-minute gifts that align with their passion can be a game-charger.

*Everything can be bought at Altius Performance and Rehabilitation in Stillwater, MN*

1-on-1 Private Sessions or Semi-Private Sessions (2-5 athletes)

This holiday season, investing in a private lessons for yourself or loved one is an extraordinary gift!

Beyond festivities, its an investment in overall personal growth and mindset. These tailored lessons not only provide expert guidance but also instill a sense of accountability. The focused attention from a skilled trainers ensures personalized feedback, technique refinement, and a deeper understanding of your chosen sport. This commitment to personal advancement sets a powerful tone for achieving fitness and aspirations and enjoying the journey towards betterment.

Altius lululemon Gear

Check out what's new!

Men's and Women's Altius Hoodies $128

Men's Shirt $78

Men's Shorts $88

Women's Tank $64

Women's Shorts $68

Thorne Health and Supplements

*most products range between $20-$62

Whey Protein Isolate $58

Flavors Chocolate and Vanilla

Great tasting, high-quality whey protein designed for athletes, aging individuals, and anyone requiring additional support for muscle repair.* NSF Certified for Sport®

Creatine $40


Promote enhanced muscle performance with the amino acid creatine.* Great for more than just athletes – it also supports cellular energy production and cognitive function to help you perform at your best.* NSF Certified for Sports®

Beta Alanine-SR $44


Beta Alanine-SR supports your training goals by benefiting muscle output and helping to reduce fatigue and soreness.* Sustained-release technology provides long-lasting benefit while minimizing side effects.* NSF Certified for Sport®

Amino Complex $45

Flavors Berry and Lemon

Amino Complex is high in essential amino acids (EAAs), including branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). It promotes muscle mass and enhances energy production.* NSF Certified for Sport®

Athlete Bundle $116

You can get Creatine, Beta Alanine-SR and Amino Complex at an discount if you buy all three for the ultimate athlete bundle!

LMNT Electrolytes Drink Mix

How is LMNT different from other electrolyte brands?

It’s simple: LMNT is a zero-sugar electrolyte drink mix, with everything you need and nothing you don't. LMNT delivers a truly meaningful dose of electrolytes without the sugar, junky fillers, or artificial coloring found in other “sports drinks.”

How do I go about using LMNT?

LMNT is great to use in a variety of situations:

The most common usage is first thing in the morning, and about 30 mins prior to a workout, high-intensity activity, or when mental clarity is at a premium. A good thing to remember is when it comes to replacing lost electrolytes–preparing ahead of time is much better than chasing them afterward.

Price: $45 for a box of singles

Equipment for Home!

Power Bands $8

Versa Loops are perfect for personal training and for use in fitness clubs and home gyms. Six resistance levels for any user, whether you are an experienced athlete or just beginning fitness training. Ideal for short, limited movements. Fits comfortably around the upper and lower legs and allows users to work the hip and leg muscles.

*Orange is the easiest all the way up to the hardest being Gray!

Foam Rollers $24

Foam rollers are crucial for muscle recovery and injury prevention in fitness routines. They work by targeting tight or sore muscles, aiding in myofascial release to improve flexibility and reduce muscle tension. Incorporating foam rolling into your post-workout routine can enhance circulation, alleviate muscle soreness, and promote better overall mobility, contributing to improved athletic performance and reduced risk of injuries.

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