"My name is Taylor Scalia and I play volleyball at the university of Wisconsin Eau Claire. In order to find your way onto the court, we must pass a series of 10 physical challenges during preseason. Last year as a freshman, I came in thinking I would be able to pass these challenges without much practice. The first day of preseason, we had to run five 300-yard sprints with short breaks in between. I ended up being the last person to cross the finish line and was on the verge of being sick. I told myself I would never be able to pass these, and I really lacked confidence going into the rest of preseason with 9 more challenges ahead. It took me several more attempts to pass, with a lot of help from my teammates. Some of the other strength and endurance tests included planks (30 seconds side plank each and 2-minute front plank continuously), push-ups (25, holding down for 1 second), t-test (shuffling forward, back, and side to side) and many others. I made a promise with myself that I would come back my sophomore year prepared and ready to pass all challenges on the first attempt, in order to secure myself a starting spot on the court. Matt Yegge actually had reached out to me before, stating he wanted to work with me because of the potential he saw. Matt believed in me more than I believed in myself.As inspiring as that was, this summer I gave it a shot and trained with him three times a week, and it’s something I’ll never regret. He pushed me to be better and helped me reach my absolute full potential.I shared the challenges with him, and he helped me prepare every day in the weight room. Not only did he make me stronger, but he was able to focus in on key techniques that were specific to volleyball. At our first preseason scrimmage this year, I quickly began getting compliments from teammates and coaches about how quick and agile I looked on the court. I passed all 10 challenges on the first attempt with flying colors and earned my spot! I am so, so thankful for Matt’s help! Not only for helping me get stronger both mentally and physically, but for making it an extremely enjoyable experience along the way. I could not have asked for a better, more intelligent trainer. I am in the best physical shape I have ever been in and because of that, everything just seems to be easier.I highly recommend Matt if you are looking to improve yourself in many different aspects. You will not regret it!"  

- Taylor Scalia, libero, Wisconsin Eau Claire 

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