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Healthy Food


We would like to invite you to participate in the Altius 30 Day Challenge for December.  As you may be aware, several of our adult members been interested in some type of challenge to develop healthy habits in the areas of eating, hydration, exercise and rest.  We understand that the Holidays is undoubtedly the toughest time to eat clean, however there has been much interest expressed.  For those interested, we are offering a challenge in December to prepare for a big January Challenge to encompass New Years Resolutions.  This being said, we WELCOME your constructive feedback on our December Challenge so that we can continue our efforts to bring the best services possible :). 

So here is the challenge:


  • Join our Facebook Group and find an accountability partner

  • Set your goals (see page 1 daily journal in Word Link below)

  • Choose your nutritional framework or "diet".  Every body is different. Thus what might work great for one individual might not be the right fit for you.  We have seen tremendous success with our clients utilizing the Paleo diet framework and/or intermittent fasting. Click here for link to Paleo information, structured template, and recipe links

  • Track your goals!

    • Set up free app (Highly recommended for goals, calorie intake, macronutrient data, calorie expenditure, and accountability,  !!!)

    • Or if you are a pen and paper person, use one of the daily journals linked below.


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